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Workstream Collaboration: why is it important for companies

Workstream Collaboration: what is it?

The term Workstream Collaboration, often abbreviated to WSC, identifies a work methodology aimed at the optimal use of different communication channels that, when integrated into a work smart strategy, can lay the foundation for an healthy workflow management and collaboration.

Gartner, a leading information technology company dedicated to business strategy consulting, defines WSC as products that provide a persistent conversational space for group collaboration; they can be organized into public or private channels.

An effective Workstream Collaboration is based on specific capabilities that provide the business with a wide range of benefits, the main features of collaborative processes are: multi-channel communication, integration with other tools, multimedia capabilities, customizable workflow, 3rd party communication and integrations. mobility and flexibility.

Workstream Collaboration: why do you need it?

For a decade, the market was dominated by systems called “Unified Communications (UC)”, in 2017, with the arrival of Microsoft Teams interest turned to software and the WSC market grew exponentially.

Today, in the year 2021, more and more companies are using a Workstream Collaboration tool, internal business communication is rapidly evolving and companies are realizing the importance, if not the necessity, to have a software or application that allows a correct WSP and improves the workflow of their business in order to remain competitive and important in the market.

Another important aspect is employee productivity and their well-being, by facilitating and enriching internal communication you have more aware, involved and efficient employees, which will go on to create a significantly more productive workflgow.

Companies that chose to use a WSC tool saw their productivity increase by a minimum of 21% and reported greater success in achieving their business goals.

Using WSC software can allow companies to push the boundaries of physical employee presence, offering the ability to hire staff from all over the world, being able to select the perfect person for each function or role

Why choosing Microsoft Teams?

Initially it seemed that Microsoft was strangely not interested in the market for business communication tools, but later, with the release of the 365 package Microsoft Teams was introduced to companies: the market game changer.

Teams, available only as part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, does not want to simply offer a “tool” aimed at collaboration, it intends to be the hub of all activities work related within the company, thus becoming the backbone of internal corporate communication.

The core of Microsoft Teams consists of what are called “Workspaces”, i.e. spaces in which up to 999 people can exchange information in a targeted manner and supported by the many functions offered by the software, designed specifically to be customizable and adaptable to the needs of any type or size of business.

Since Teams came to market after Yammer and Slack, it has been able to incorporate and implement the best and most in-demand features based on user demand. By making wise use of the data collected, it has successfully managed to merge and refine many features found in other platforms creating a comprehensive software that can, almost single-handedly, revolutionize business workflow.


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