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DOS’s tech lab at the forefront of HP’s product offering

Business technology lines offer higher quality than off-the-shelf items, but often at the expense of the final price, which is too expensive for the private consumer.

DOS Group’s partnership with HP allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of products from the business line at affordable prices, while maintaining their high quality and professional performance. The new ProBook 440 and 450 series stand out for their speed, efficiency and compact design.

The line-up features

Both series are equipped with the latest generation Intel® processors, which allow them to handle several tasks at the same time in a simple and efficient manner, favouring multitasking operations.

Graphically, the options are quite advanced and the high-definition camera provides high visual clarity, with the Temporal Noise Reduction system reducing interference and pixelation, also facilitating video calls even in low-light conditions.

The HP Long Life Battery offers users the ability to recharge up to 50 per cent of the battery in as little as 30 minutes to ensure a consistent level of battery life even without a power supply.

The ProBook line has been designed to respect the environmental issues that are increasingly important to the well-being of civilised society today. In fact, the speaker cases are made from Ocean Bound Plastic, the plastic that is removed from the oceans and carefully processed for recycling, substantially reducing the percentage of pollutants from marine waters.





DOS Group and Adobe

DOS Group’s partnership with Adobe allows us to make the most popular professional digital graphics and photography products available on the market.

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