Targeted actions to prevent cyber attacks.

We offer solutions to keep your business data safe. We are able to defend your business information systems from traditional threats by ensuring security in all daily operations thanks to unparalleled antivirus and firewall. The solutions that we propose guarantee protection in all the endpoints present in the company networks of our customers: email protection, web and much more.

Our cybersecurity offering

Many companies have accelerated the Digital Transformation process to enable them to adapt to user and market changes. The massive adoption of the latest technologies has put a strain on corporate IT security, which, day in and day out, must keep data and computer networks safe from major external attacks.

Prevent unwanted emails from reaching your inbox by preventing data loss or leakage of confidential information. Keep infected emails away and protect your confidential messages from unauthorized access.

Protect your servers with a “Cloud Ready” solution. Virtual, physical or cloud server, whatever the server type Intercept X protects you from malware and ransomware. Avoid hacker attacks and enable reverse proxy authentication.

Protect your data with XG Firewall: you can monitor all corporate devices with a complete and reliable platform.

Block malware and protect your data with a single console: complete and efficient security for all users.

Comprehensive web protection wherever your users are: protect your employees from web threats by monitoring online activities and restricting the use of unauthorized applications.

Is your wi-fi secure? Control access from all devices whether they are employees or guests.

XGS Firewall: protection and performance at the highest levels

The importance of investing in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity trainings

We prepare your team to immediately recognize threats and behave properly, halving the risks that put your business at risk.

We are Sophos Gold Partner and we offer reliable solutions.

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