For over 20 years we have been offering IT consulting and support in Ticino.

Founded in 2001, DOS Group has established itself as one of the most important ICT companies in Ticino providing end-to-end solutions in Switzerland.

The experience gained over the years both locally and in broader activities, allows us to support the customer with professionalism and competence during all phases of design and implementation.

Why us

Founded in 2001 in Arzo, within a few years it strengthened its offer in the ICT field, adding to the resale of computers and printers the consulting for more complex IT infrastructures and data center services. In 2006, the first software development activities began through the creation of a division very active in the development of custom applications and, later, in 2014 with the addition of the department dedicated to Momentum, an ecosystem successfully adopted by many rescue agencies even beyond the Gotthard.

The pioneering spirit of DOS Group SA sets new milestones with the opening of the Swiss Agile Center in 2019, a space dedicated to coworking and cultural and technological exchange between professionals and, in 2020, with the acquisition of MACACO, a software house specialized in the creation of augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification solutions.

Today, after more than 20 years of activity in Ticino and with more than 50 collaborators, DOS Group has become an aggregator of competences able to listen to customers and put its own know-how at his service. We support our clients thanks to a complete portfolio of solutions and through targeted consulting we aim to make the business agile enough to seize all the opportunities that the Digital Transformation brings with it.

DOS Group azienda formatrice

DOS Group as internship company

We are committed to the training of young talents in Ticino, accompanying them through their apprenticeships and introducing them to the world of work.

Trust us

Microsoft Silver Partner

With our technology solutions, we make our customers’ lives easier and allow them to focus on their business.

Part of the group

We are a company willing to take risks in order to innovate: we are able to manage important projects, introduce new ideas on the market and invest in order to create added value.

Studio MACACO, AR / VR e Gamification in Ticino

Innovative company focused on new technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tracking Software and in-depth knowledge of “Unity” platform.


Logo Momentum

An eco-system to help teams manage and deal with any crisis situation, develop a business continuity plan, monitor employees, quickly identify and alert all emergency responders, optimize vehicle fleet management, massively communicate with large numbers of people, and integrated with IoT solutions.

Logo Swiss Agile Center

Agile Center

Swiss Agile Center is a coworking space born from the collaboration between DOS Group SA and HP Switzerland. It is a smart and technological environment that offers a wide range of services such as renting flexible workstations and renting rooms for meetings, trainings and events.