DOS Group’s soul.

DOS Group has always had a purely innovative soul that has evolved over time and has allowed us to make innovation our strong point, creating, growing and launching new products on the market. We are a company willing to take risks in order to innovate: we are able to manage important projects, introduce new ideas on the market and invest to create added value.

What we do

We create innovative products

We host innovative products to make them grow

We develop made-to-measure products for our customers

We attract innovative souls

Projects born in DOS Group

In more than 20 years of history, our Innovation lab has created innovative products able to revolutionize their target market.


Innovative system based on neural networks for the recognition of people and objects from video streams.

Conceived in collaboration with SUPSI, ETHZ, Municipal Police of Lugano and partially funded by InnoSuisse.


Innovative system for the search of people missing or swept away by avalanches.

Developed in collaboration with SUPSI and partly financed by InnoSuisse. The project is currently in the testing phase and is obtaining surprising results.

CPRDOS (DOS Group Cardio Pulmonary Rescue Support System)

The device will be part of an innovative rescue coordination system: it will guarantee high chances of survival to sudden cardiac arrest victims.

For the realization of the device DOS Group will benefit from the clinical advice of the Cardio Centro and from the battery-powered electronic circuit provided by SUPSI specialists.

Projects started by DOS Group


A company specialized in the development of innovative applications to improve training in industrial, emergency and corporate environments. These applications are in Virtual Reality, Augmented and usable through desktop or Web.

Agile Center

The aggregator and the meeting point for Ticino and the launch of all our innovative projects, the beating heart that allows us to talk about the innovation lab.

Why us

We often hear about innovation, about innovative companies, and DOS is one of them. A value that clearly differentiates us and an essence that distinguishes us thanks to a series of successes achieved in 20 years of work.

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