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The term workstream collaboration identifies a work methodology aimed at making optimal use of different communication channels that, once integrated into a work smart strategy, can lay the foundation for a healthy workflow management and collaboration.

Why choose to use the workstream collaboration tool?

As the company expands, internal collaboration becomes more important than ever in order to work with colleagues across teams, departments and locations. The new paradigm of the digital workplace, is based on conversation-focused collaboration, and the workstream collaboration offers the opportunity to optimize coordination, performance, communications and team productivity.




How important is it to manage corporate communications?

The hyper-connectivity that characterizes the era of the digital revolution often catches people and consequently companies completely unprepared. The daily challenge is to defend one’s own productivity, challenged by the amount of information that targets us from an increasing number of sources. From morning to night.

The overload of data, added to that of communication and cognitive, risks weighing heavily on the efficiency of the business organization, with gradual loss of competitiveness and further harmful consequences for the business.

Too many emails!

Email messages now reach 80% of the world’s population. In contrast, the most popular social media has just over 2 billion users. Our inbox expresses much the same proportion. The good news is that there is a cure, especially when the largest source of traffic is within our organization.

Some try to escape …

In the effort not to lose contacts, important content, or often both, some users use alternative ways that are totally disconnected from the corporate IT scenario. From spontaneous groups on WhatsApp, to various cloud-based data storage solutions, the “Shadow IT” issue poses serious productivity and security issues

How to best organize all departments in your company

Workstream collaboration tools are designed to significantly reduce or replace email by presenting basic functionality such as frequent messaging, notifications, video uploads, optimized search, archiving, communication flows and simple ways to share content. These are tools that generally integrate with other enterprise applications via open APIs and bots. They can be accessed on mobile or desktop devices so that they are easily accessible by everyone in the organization, including those working on the front lines.

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