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Latest news about Whiteboard!

The Microsoft Whiteboard tool evolves by adding new features that make even more key this tool that perhaps is little “exploited” in its full potential but especially in what is its goal, which is the simplification and inclusion at 360 ° in what is the WorkStreamCollaboration and Agile methodologies.


When you open the new whiteboard, you’ll notice a brand new user interface that combines a clean, modern look with improved functionality. The new visual update makes it easy to access and find features. It’s also built to support the app’s ever-growing capabilities. On desktops, laptops and tablets, pen input tools and content creation menus are separated to reduce cognitive load, while an app bar at the top of the drawing area provides all collaboration and Blackboard-specific properties. On mobile devices, the creation panel and board controls are hidden to optimize space for viewing and collaboration. Large, colorful icons make it easy to use for mouse, touch and pen users.


Expand and strengthen your whiteboard sessions with templates for common scenarios like brainstorming, agile rituals, problem solving, group projects, and many more. Over 40 new fully customizable templates have been added to help people get started faster, generate flow, and design structure for their innovative ideas.


Microsoft Whiteboard just got more colorful and organized, helping to make your next workshop or brainstorming session more effective.

Sticky notes now offer more variety with a range of 12 colorful shades to choose from. Use different colors to create a color-coding system and get more organized by sorting by different color categories. Alternatively, assign one color per person to make it easier to see who contributed different ideas. Whatever your configuration, it enhances visual collaboration and encourages participation through the beauty of color.

Note grids help you create and build structure and form into your whiteboard session. Note grids present sticky notes in a clear, organized format. Customize each sticky note by color order and click to easily add extra sticky notes. You can also organize your note grids by adding a title to them.


Expression is a cornerstone of collaboration. Users can now provide light contextual feedback with a range of fun, engaging and meaningful reactions. Choose from a set of eight reactions to quickly communicate your thoughts and feelings about others’ ideas. Encourage participation from a wider range of participants. With reactions, it’s easy to interact and respond quickly in the moment!


Images can help us learn, capture attention, and convey abstract and complex concepts. Bring your whiteboard session to life by adding photos and images to convey visual ideas more effectively. Users can download and insert images onto the canvas with the image insertion feature.


Flowcharts and diagrams play an important role in describing processes and organizing information. Use shapes to quickly start a flowchart or create your own diagram. Basic shapes, lines and arrows can now be added with the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger. Once added, you can resize, rotate and recolor the shape’s fill and border.


The ability to organize and insert advanced content is a key part of the new Whiteboard experience. You can bring in documents, such as PowerPoint presentations on which to annotate, make connections, and share work.


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