5 reasons to change your company backup

Our realities have been completely upended, but one thing remains. Most of the traditional backup solutions currently on the market are not entirely viable, with the result that a company’s internal IT team has to devote too much time to backups, no longer

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How to re-invent workspaces for the hybrid era

Today’s hybrid workspaces are putting remote workers and those in person on an equal footing, whether it’s at corporate headquarters, at home, in a satellite office or an airport lounge.
The right mindset can enable equal

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Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft 365

The technological evolution that Microsoft brings with Microsoft 365 has as its vector the Office 365 environment with all the traditional apps we use daily, but this is only the starting point of the transformation. Microsoft wants, indeed, to fully

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Case Studies

Dolce Tentazione trusts DOS Group

Dolce Tentazione trusts DOS Group Dolce Tentazione, a prestigious pastry shop located inside the Sassi Center in Mendrisio, chooses DOS Group for the installation of a wi-fi hotspot solution and an upgrade of the telephone system. The need Inside its premises, the...

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