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The role of women in the tech industry

Technology has always been seen as a predominantly male-dominated industry, with iconic entrepreneurs and innovators getting the most recognition for their contributions to the sector. However, it is important to note that women are also increasingly playing a key role, stepping into managerial and executive positions within giants as well as SMEs.

How are the big players moving forward?

Google says that supporting others means first supporting oneself and to prove this, the US giant works on strengthening the spirit of inclusiveness by helping women prioritize their needs, putting their safety and health first, creating fair opportunities and celebrating their successes.
Microsoft, among various other initiatives, has introduced a ” Women at Microsoft Scholarship” to empower women and non-binary high school individuals to go to college, understand the impact technology has on the world, and aim for a career in the tech industry. Like them, all companies in the industry are moving quickly to get the perception of the industry changed, make themselves attractive to a female audience as well, and reduce various disparities as much as possible.

What about DOS Group on the other hand?

Although we’re talking about other company sizes, DOS Group too has always focused on the role of women, working in all directions to minimize any differences and gaps. What do we focus on most?

At DOS we focus a lot on creating opportunities for all young people by offering training periods such as internships and apprenticeships to young female students who are interfacing in this still particularly male-dominated world.

When recruiting new staff, we emphasize to our partner recruiters to present us with candidates to whom we give precedence in the selection process.

In addition, for female employees already in the company we have maintained 100% pay during the maternity period.

We recognize the importance of women in the world of work and we do everything we can to value them. We are also aware that there is still a long way to go and that although the Tech world is very dynamic and innovative, it is still conservative in its representation of gender.

In your company, what do you do to valorize women? And in your opinion, what can we collectively do to increasingly decrease the gender gap?


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