dolce tentazione

Dolce Tentazione trusts DOS Group

Dolce Tentazione, a prestigious pastry shop located inside the Sassi Center in Mendrisio, chooses DOS Group for the installation of a wi-fi hotspot solution and an upgrade of the telephone system.

The need

Inside its premises, the customer was using a common wi-fi system that no longer complied with the new Swiss regulation on public wi-fi network. Moreover, the solution previously implemented by the customer was no longer up to expectations and no longer guaranteed a good level of security.

For the above mentioned reasons, our technical specialists proposed to the customer an inspection and after having ascertained the real problems and having fully understood the customer’s objectives, they proposed the installation of the Swisscom Managed PWLAN product.

The solution

Swisscom Managed PWLAN is a powerful and robust hotspot solution that can satisfy both small environments and large outdoor spaces.

The installed product is ideal for meeting the needs of customers, guests and visitors and providing secure, high-performance internet access. But that’s not all: the system is compliant with Swiss regulations and releases the company providing the public wi-fi solution from any liability.

“I was worried because after a communication from DOS Group I discovered that my wi-fi was no longer compliant;” – explains Sabrina Sassi, owner of Dolce Tentazione – “I wanted to release my company from any responsibility of inappropriate use by end customers and to do so the help of specialists DOS Group was essential.”

Want to try the solution?

You can also test the product yourself at the Swiss Agile Center in Mendrisio.

Are you interested in the solution and would like to arrange an on-site visit?