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The importance of Cybersecurity courses for companies

Most of the companies spend a considerable part of its budget in technologies to protect the ICT infrastructure, without considering the human error caused by the user.

The best technologies available on the market would be useless if a colleague walks into a computer scam, creating a breach in the company system.

Did you know that the 23% of data breaches is caused by the human error?

The majority of the violations suffered by companies is the result of staff’s improper training to manage a cyber attack. This lack of skills allows hackers to exploit the connivance of unaware workers, basically only through the opening of a link or a corrupted file.

Thanks to DOS Group SA’s Cybersecurity Course for businesses, users will have an increased awarness of risk, they will know main attack strategies and they will be capable to react with efficiency and speed.

Our goal is to increase the security of your business through a better knowledge of security process, decreasing drastically the risk of future cyber attacks.

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