Managed Workplace

Your workspace with no time or space limits.

We revolutionize the idea of workplace by transforming it into workspace, with no limits, providing you with the necessary kit that meets your needs. A complete service that includes, in addition to the Smart Help Desk, the supply of the device and its initial installation.

Why choosing our work kit

With the Workplace Management service, we provide you, in addition to the benefits of the Smart Help Desk:

We choose together the most suitable device for your needs

We deliver the computer ready for use, with everything the user needs installed

On request we can keep some spare devices

Hardware Supply

HP’s DaaS is the smart solution where you pay a monthly usage fee that gives you continuous technology refresh at a cost-effective rate.

This service allows you to reduce the cost and complexity of device lifecycle management, helping businesses improve productivity and efficiency without capital investment.

Choose the perfect combination of devices and accessories for your business and your users.

Optimize IT resources and assets with instantly usable analysis and dynamic management

Simple, flexible plans that grow with the needs of your business.

Specialized Support

The Smart Help Desk is a service with a monthly fee, clear and defined for the dedicated assistance of your employees. The ideal solution for all companies that prefer to have an all-inclusive package to lighten the amount of work to be done by their IT team.

Workplace Management

DOS Group offers you the possibility to professionally manage the workstation for each employee, including the most suitable tools and active assistance. This is a package that is fully customizable and adaptable to various business departments

dedicated support

dedicated phone number

dedicated service manager

remote monitoring

moving from CAPEX to OPEX

quicker on-boarding

possibility to have a stock

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