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When managing the “D” factor is a matter of responsibility

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The first trip with friends, the long-awaited day of graduation, that shot of many years ago that still makes us excited and go back in time in a split second. A life that can be retraced in the form of pixels, a story made up of experiences and events that make us the person we are today. The same goes for a company: the history and everything that has been part of it since day one must be protected with care and preserved with the same attention with which we save our most precious memories.

It’s all a matter of perceiving the value of data, of being aware of the importance it has within the present and future life of a company. It’s all about protecting its deepest identity.

We are in the midst of a digital revolution where the increase in the importance of data is leading the way. We don’t just consider data as an end in itself, but we have to give it the role it deserves when it comes to data analysis and trend forecasting, activities that base their effectiveness on its correct and accurate management over time.

In order to survive, or better yet, grow, companies must take actions today that will allow them to secure their place in tomorrow’s digital economy. One of these actions is the application of a solid backup and disaster recovery strategy capable of responding to the growth of data in terms of quantity and complexity. It often happens, however, that underestimating the power that data holds, many companies focus their strategy in other fields, allocating budgets and resources that are not sufficient to safeguard it. This choice, even if at first it may seem appropriate, will be disastrous in case of data loss or data breach, when the preparation made in the previous period is essential to be able to recover quickly. If you also take into consideration the high number of ransomware attacks in recent years, about one every 11 seconds in 2021, it is clear how important it is to implement a backup and recovery plan.

In fact, a fragmented and discontinuous strategy would drastically lengthen a company’s recovery time, consequently causing huge financial, legal and reputational damage. Getting back on track after one of these events is possible, and it happens all the more quickly if the Disaster Recovery plan designed to deal with these eventualities is more efficient.

If on the one hand one of the mistakes related to backup is focused only on the financial and resources side, even worse happens when a backup and Disaster Recovery strategy is considered useless because the lurking threats are not considered as such. This is a common misconception and one that has cost the lives of many small and medium-sized businesses that were strongly convinced they were not at risk due to their small size. They were obviously wrong, and probably regret that decision to this day. The causes of data breaches are in fact multiple and often related to cyber attacks, but weaknesses due to system errors or even worse human errors should not be underestimated either.

With the managed service of Backup and Disaster Recovery, DOS Group takes full responsibility for this process, with the main purpose of completely relieving the customer from any activity related to it, ensuring its safeguard through constant monitoring and management of daily operations. A guaranteed service that ensures the correct execution of the backup and its integrity through a complete management and transparent costs.

A gesture of care and attention towards one of the most important assets within a company, which will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief in the event of an unexpected loss of data. Because in the end, it’s only a matter of time before someone manages to compromise your security, no matter how strong your company’s defenses are.


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