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Shortage of PC components: what is happening and what should we expect?

In the coming years, PC purchasing will be a challenge for companies.

Sooner or later, all industries have to deal with marked changes in the demand and supply of certain products or services.

This is exactly what has been happening in recent months and is likely to continue in the coming years in the PC market. In fact, if on the one hand, since 2017 the prices of PC components have been decreasing, on the other hand, the forecasts for the coming years suggest us a consistent increase in the purchase price of PCs. Let’s see why.

Rising prices and longer waiting times.

As we know, the pandemic has had a strong impact in the world of work. First of all is the forced introduction of remote work. So, as we can imagine, manufacturers of portable devices and accessories (e.g. webcams, headsets, etc.) have had to deal with a sudden increase in demand against an unchanged supply.

On the other hand, the pandemic significantly disrupted supply chains and logistics providers through factory closures and reduced shipping channels.

The coexistence of these two conditions, in addition to price increases on notebooks and PCs, has caused extended lead times especially for some business PC models


What to do to reduce these inconveniences?

To reduce the waiting time for delivery, one tip for businesses is to standardize models and order more devices. In this process, you should check with your trusted vendor to determine which models are more readily available or what kind of smaller configurations might improve delivery times. In this way, companies will be able to reduce some of the delay between the order date and the delivery date.

Finally, in order to plan better, it’s important to change the way you think by doing it smart. Setting up a realistic procurement plan with accurate demand forecasts is critical. Sharing these forecasts with your supplier helps improve the likelihood of receiving the right devices when required. In short, acting early is critically important during this particular time!

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