Managed IT


We take over the complete management of your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Through a proactive monitoring and alarming system, we always keep your IT infrastructure under control, ensuring high performances, service continuity and security. The convenience of a managed service and the freedom to apply it to any existing infrastructure, at any time.

What does our managed infrastructure service offer?

The Managed Infrastructure service is the ideal solution for companies that want to ensure a complete and professional management of their IT infrastructure in order to dedicate company resources to the growth of their core business. Through our managed solution we free companies from this responsibility, remaining by their side throughout the entire journey.

daily support

technical and incident support based on sla 

monitoring based on sla

refresh of the whole It infrastructure

Field of application


Customer’s on-prem infrastructures


Infrastructures in our Datacenter


Infrastructures based on AWS, Azure etc


Infrastructures combining private, public and on-prem.

Monitoring and data analysis

The monitoring is of fundamental importance as it collects and studies data to allow us to have a complete history to be able to prevent any problems. This constant collection also allows us to do analysis on complex data and analyze the whole technology stack at every level. The technologies used for the monitoring part are implemented in Azure and Google Cloud and allow us to provide high-level performance.

Why us

After an initial assessment we enable you to increase the efficiency of your infrastructure by managing, automating and monitoring your systems in a consistent and professional way. We provide an efficient, flexible and agile service that ensures stability, continuity and efficiency of the infrastructure, working daily side by side with the internal IT department, guiding them in their growth and relieving them from the responsibility of the infrastructure.


    • Dramatically reduced internal IT department effort
    • Critical business structures managed by professionals
    • 24/7 remote and on-site assistance with dedicated number
    • Fixed and transparent monthly fee
    • Guaranteed service continuity
    • Transition from CAPEX to OPEX model
Servizio di Service Manage

Service Manager

In order to guarantee the Continual Service Improvement (CSI), with the Managed Infrastructure service we also dedicate you a Service Manager who will constantly check the progress of the service through periodic service reviews and detailed reporting.

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Gestione dell’infrastruttura IT

Does your company need help managing its IT infrastructure?

Thanks to DOS Group’s managed infrastructure service, you can completely entrust the management of the infrastructure to our team, which keeps it under constant control through a proactive monitoring system.

HPE Silver Partner

We are Silver HPE Partner for Ticino.

We also give the possibility to rent or buy the entire IT infrastructure with HPE servers, if it is not present or if the current one needs a technological refresh. 

Let us manage your IT infrastructure