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The Case Study of Hemargroup

A proactive IT infrastructure management.

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About Hemargroup

Hemar AG was founded in 1982. Although today it is an international electronics manufacturing service company, it began as a component importer. However, it soon formed alliances with strong EMS partners for the production of finished swiss-made electronic assemblies for the world market. Hemar’s main aim is to offer a strategic and integrated quality service in the EMS field. They stand out for the choice of raw materials and components necessary for the realization of the products, following the projects until their introduction on the market. Precisely for this reason, in 2010 Hemar acquired SEFA SA, a manufacturer of electronic assemblies, and in 2019 it integrated HSCS sagl, expanding its portfolio in engineering and development, with the aim of increasing its flexibility and speed of reaction to requests, maintaining and indeed increasing the high levels of quality and precision achieved.

The challenge

Andrea Moroni Stampa, CTO of Hemargroup, driven by the relationship of trust created in over 5 years of collaboration with DOS Group, requested help in managing his infrastructure. “The point of dialogue was mainly focused on the possibility of a proactive management of the corporate IT infrastructure (…)” comments Stefano Buzzetti, Head of ICT at DOS Group. The infrastructure of the group’s two sites, in Nesselnbach (AG) and Mendrisio (TI) respectively, supports administration, production and engineering, and in the event of poor performance would have caused malfunctions in all areas with consequent economic losses. Two infrastructure nodes on separate but interconnected sites, different operating cycles and schedules, as well as distributed services further highlighted the need to entrust experts with the complete and proactive management of the infrastructure.

The solution

DOS Group’s many years of experience allowed it to quickly rationalize the client’s needs, working alongside Hemargroup and its CTO. The Managed Infrastructure service turned out to be the ideal solution as it was able to positively respond to the customer’s needs for a number of reasons:

  • Dedicated team with different technical skills and with both levels of support (1st and 2nd level)
  • Dedicated DevOps person capable of solving issues related to integration between code and infrastructure
  • Clear and transparent costs including releases, calls, upgrades and interventions
  • Fixed cost easily planned at accounting level from year to year


A solution that would ensure complete management, allowing Hemargroup to completely forget about its infrastructure. The monthly package includes:

  • 24×7 active monitoring
  • 24×7 active assistance
  • Dedicated Service Manager to provide a quarterly report on the performance of the facility

This service has been created in a tailor-made way for Hemargroup, allowing in a short time to reach the desired service levels and necessary for the group’s business. The entire infrastructure is based on HPE and Aruba, and entirely designed and built by DOS Group as part of a technological refresh project, following the best standards of reliability and high availability and with the aim of ensuring a granular and reliable data management.

The result

During the takeover of the infrastructure, the dedicated team of DOS Group has proactively identified, thanks to monitoring and inspection technologies, some technical problems, solving them before they could impact on the customer’s business.

From the first day of management, therefore, Hemargroup was able to dedicate its resources and skills to its core business.

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