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HP launches HP Presence, the solution for the hybrid work

HP kicks off a new era of intelligent collaboration solutions designed specifically for hybrid work.

With the HP Presence series, which includes meeting space packages, PCs, 4K cameras, audio and video bars, and room microphones and controllers, HP aims to support hybrid work. In fact, it is a series of conferencing and collaboration solutions that allows people to truly work together, especially when they are far apart.

The shift to hybrid work is now here to remain, the office as it was understood until a few years ago, no longer exists. Companies are shifting their focus to providing collaboration tools that allow employees to feel connected with a productive and secure tencology, wherever they are.

With the HP Presence range, distance is reduced to a minimum, allowing those who are working remotely to experience the meeting as if they were in the office.

Aiming to enhance the experience of any meeting room, the Palo Alto-based company has designed solutions to meet different business needs, allowing companies to choose from pre-configured bundles or freely configure their own solution.

BE SEEN. BE HEARD. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. The slogan of HP Presence that underlines its mission to allow people to be heard, be seen and share their thoughts, whether their are in the office or not. All of this is made possible by crystal-clear audio, cinematic video and enhanced software features that make distributed teams feel like they’re in the same room together.

HP Presence is the promise that no one will go unnoticed, unheard and no thought will be left behind anymore.


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