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Best-in-class security and performances: what to expect from Sophos Firewall XGS

The new year also brought news on the security side, thanks to Sophos’ commitment and ambition to achieve power and effectiveness with a single solution.

We’re talking about XGS firewalls, a complete perimeter protection system that acts on three different levels. Let’s take a look at them together:

Unmasking hidden risks

Nowadays we are more and more exposed to suspicious traffic and unknown applications that can cause direct or indirect damage. Sophos Firewall is much more effective at exposing hidden risks, thanks to its visual dashboard and rich cloud-based reporting options and its unique risk analysis capabilities.

Block unknown threats

Defeating new threats requires new technologies. With powerful next-gen protection technologies like Deep Learning and Intrusion Prevention, your business will be safe from these attacks as well.

Automatic Incident Response

With the automatic response feature introduced in the next-gen firewall, you can immediately identify and isolate all compromised systems within a given network. This is achieved through Synchronized Security, which Sophos uses to prevent breaches by decreasing the vulnerability of the infrastructure.


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