Private & Public Cloud

Server & Storage for a secure, proven IT infrastructure that can operate at the speed of your business.

We guide you in the best choice for your company, building and adapting the solution to your needs, whether in Public or Private Cloud or Hybrid. Physical or virtual, whatever type of server you choose, you will always be sure that your data is safe and available at all times.

Private Cloud

The secure and reliable alternative to on-premise solutions

DOS Group’s Private Cloud is delivered from our space within the Swisscom Datacenter. Through this infrastructure we are able to offer our customers a secure environment that allows scalability and high service availability. With this solution, each company’s internal IT team can forget all about data management and focus entirely on the success of their core business.

We also offer integrable services such as public IPs, backups, firewalls and VPN tunnels, as well as professional technical support.

A private cloud infrastructure allows you to have flexible IT without having to invest in specific hardware, software and servers.

Any type of unforeseen event or request for intervention is fully managed by the support team according to the defined procedures

Private cloud is by definition an agile and flexible infrastructure that allows users to scale quickly and easily

Public Cloud

The power of Azure completely in your hands

Azure is a public cloud platform, with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking and more. It can be used to replace or supplement on-premise servers. The Virtual Datacenter provides a consistent and coherent deployment model for workloads in the cloud.

Moving to a public cloud allows companies to reduce IT operating costs as they are fully outsourced

Internal IT teams will need to spend less time managing servers than they do for on-premises legacy datacenters or internal private clouds.

By using a public cloud service, companies with limited resources can outsource certain aspects of cybersecurity

DOS Group also offers you a modern hybrid cloud solution! 

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid solution to integrate the advantages of public and private clouds

 DOS Group offers a modern hybrid cloud solution, integrating the many advantages of the Microsoft Azure public cloud with a hosting service at a selected data centre in the territory. This approach allows functionality to be shared between infrastructures, facilitating cross-platform communication.

Thanks to the public cloud, the private part can be backed up to facilitate disaster recovery operations. The special nature of the hybrid form makes it possible to meet peak demand and respond to business needs as they arise, optimising performance to handle sudden workloads.


By joining the public cloud on demand without overloading the data centre.


Optimising internal and external infrastructures


Broad portfolio of applications providing access to resources

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