Managed Backup & DR


A managed backup and disaster recovery service that ensures the security of your business data.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for Microsoft 365 environments and IT infrastructure with the assurance that the backup is successful and the data remains within Switzerland. We take care of the entire backup process ensuring a fast recovery of any business data at any time. A fast and simple service that can adapt to any environment in a flexible way.

Managed Backup always available

Nowadays, data is a real asset and as such fundamental for the business continuity of your company. Avoiding data loss becomes the main priority of any company, regardless of size and industry. DOS Group offers you a single managed solution that protects your data in a safe and reliable way.


We ensure that your business data is backed up correctly and that can be restored on your terms, taking full responsibility for the service.


An all-inclusive service that allows your IT department to focus exclusively on real business issues without wasting time on backup management.


We promise you transparent costs with no surprises and no upfront hardware investments.  We offer a simple and flexible cost model.

Put your data in our hands

Backup gestito e sempre disponibile in Ticino

Microsoft 365 Managed Backup

Did you know that Microsoft 365 does not offer a full data backup, but it only allows you to protect from accidental data deletion for a defined time?

DOS Group offers you a Managed Backup service to avoid losing your business data in SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. A complete solution to protect against accidental deletion all year long, with the certainty that data is saved in our Datacenter in Breganzona in Ticino, or in the cloud in Azure datacenters in Switzerland.

The data in your Office 365 from accidental deletion through managing versions

Legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Office 365 backup items

Quickly even individual items and files in Office 365 with high recovery flexibility

Managed backup of IT infrastructure

We offer managed backup services for all of our clients’ IT infrastructures, verifying daily that backups are running correctly and ensuring that data can be restored whenever necessary. 

We secure critical data on backup servers, proxy servers and repository servers, maintaining a secure copy in Switzerland.


Disaster Recovery Ticino

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery (DR) service safeguards your data to ensure business continuity by simplifying recovery in case of loss due to software, hardware or ransomware attacks. It is essential to have a Disaster Recovery plan in place to prevent a loss from crippling applications, workflows and sales.

Since it often happens that corporate data is fragmented among different systems, applications and IT infrastructure, recovery is mostly a challenge for corporate IT teams.

DOS Group’s Disaster Recovery service can work with the most complex, inherent cloud-native, hybrid or on-prem data sets to ensure business continuity in case of loss or failure of not only data, but also critical systems.

A good Business Continuity plan and detailed Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) planning, can ensure that the impact of even the most severe failure, can result in minimal and controlled disruption.

The service provides for the recovery of critical systems in case of disaster according to the agreed RTO and RPO service levels. Fundamental indicators to find the right balance between costs and benefits of a recovery solution. Once defined the critical perimeter, i.e. the systems that must be restored in the shortest possible time, the replication methods and the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) document, DOS Group is responsible for the correct execution of the replication activities and the possible execution of the Disaster Recovery Plan in case of a negative event.

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