Unity Developer

Permanent job contract - MENDRISIO, CH - M/F

Work in DOS Group

Ours, is a solid company that wants to expand its frontiers with a pioneering mentality and that actively lives and promotes innovation. The Agile methodology, coworking environment and team spirit are an integral part of our culture, that will also evolve thanks to your active contribution.


Work and family

An optimal work/family balance is the basis for a long-term partnership. We experiment with innovative forms of working and integrate them into the offerings for our customers, demonstrating that the conscious use of technology is an enabler for business and the well-being of people.

Position Purpose

DOS Group is a company operating in various fields, including rescue training. We are looking for a talented UNITY DEVELOPER for this sector to join the virtual reality platform design team.

Job Description


  • planning and implementation of app functionality
  • creation of app code
  • identifying bottlenecks and quality assurance of the finished product
  • creating patches and installing app updates
  • extensive experience working with Unity software, excellent coding skills.


    • Meet with the design team to discuss ideas and specifications
    • Establish development strategies and pipeline
    • Plan implementation of app functionality and turn design ideas into functional apps
    • Design and create app code
    • Identify and correct app code errors and bottlenecks
    • Test app functionality and theme dynamics
    • Ensure products comply with high industry standards
    • Design and create patches and updates for apps

Your professional profile

Must have:

    • Excellent knowledge of Unity software
    • At least one year of previous experience as a Unity developer
    • Good knowledge of C#
    • Knowledge of GIT
    • English B2 minimum

    Nice to have:

      • Knowledge of 3D development and integrated 3D physics
      • Development experience with Oculus Quest 2
      • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
      • Knowledge of scripting, animation, and textures
      • Developed analysis skills
      • Knowledge of other national languages (German, French) are preferential


    Hierarchical Dependency

    Head of Momentum


    Internal inter-functional relations



    External cross-functional relationships

    customers, possible external IT consultants, possible part

    Place of work

    6850 Mendrisio, Svizzera


    Job contract

    100% | Permanent job


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    PC of your choice
    Latest generation interactive whiteboards
    Company focused on innovation
    Continuous internal training
    Football available for breaks
    Flexible working hours
    Smart Working
    In the building Fitness gym