Collaborate better thanks to the Microsoft 365 suite: the Ideal-Tek case study

Working in a SMART way without the right tools can have negative repercussions on the company performance. For this reason, Ideal-tek relied on our experts to implement a new technological solution able to ensure business continuity in hybrid mode, that is in presence and remote.

About Ideal-tek

Ideal-tek is a Swiss company that produces tweezers and high precision instruments on a global market, wisely combining technology and craftsmanship and operating with international partners all over the world. For this reason, the information systems acquire a great value and more and more importance as they allow the company to operate in a safe and performing way also from remote.

The problem

Each person within the firm was using different technologies and channels to collaborate and communicate. Although they all used the same infrastructure (based on Microsoft Windows and Office technology), the versions were not homogeneous and not fully compatible. There were also limitations in the usability of tools and data as well as a lack of flexibility to properly support the business.
It may seem trivial, but today efficiency and innovation are increasingly essential factors in the success of a business, and from an IT perspective it is essential to bring solutions, rather than problems, so that professionals can easily carry out their work without technical drawbacks.

The Solution

Thanks to employees who were open to change and the help of DOS Group, it was possible to implement a new way of working in a short time, a digital workplace. The change was gradual and did not create interruptions in activities or more serious problems.
All of this was accompanied by DOS Workplace Management services that guarantee full support to all users in order to ensure business productivity, forgetting the classic problems of assistance by relying on a Full and All Inclusive service.

The move to cloud technology such as Microsoft 365 came before Covid-19. In fact, the latter was not the triggering event, but it made it clear that it was necessary to focus on this type of need to ensure business continuity and collaboration, regardless of where employees are physically located. Implementing smart working even under normal conditions, and not just in emergencies, makes it possible to speed and simplify collaboration and use tools in an integrated way.

In addition to the use of Teams and Outlook for communications, the use of Sharepoint is the tool that has allowed us to manage the sharing of documents and shared access to all information, always ensuring the consistency of documents, all made safe by DOS Security solutions and the persistence of data and their granular versioning through the DOS Managed Backup service.

“Microsoft 365 is a tool that allows us to work better on a day-to-day basis. For us, for example, being able to work on certain files at the same time is critical. This is something that used to limit us a lot before and now we can do it without any kind of problem.” Silvia Picchi – Operations Manager of Ideal-tek

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