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DOS Group by your side with systems consulting

DOS Group’s 20 years of experience allows clients to take advantage of first- and second-level systems consulting that can design and optimize different types of technology solutions, from infrastructure to software. Our offerings include a consultative approach to best understand your company’s needs thus increasing efficiency through the selection of the most suitable tools for your business. The sales department and technicians are ready to guide you in the selection and implementation of technologies. The main objective of DOS Group is to formulate a personalized service in which our expertise is put at the service of customers to propose state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. In addition, we are able to resolve emergencies through a fast and effective emergency response system, with our technicians being available for direct on-site assistance, acting directly on the equipment at your site according to the agreed upon time requests and assessing the extent of the damage.



Why choose a curved monitor

The advantages of an external monitor are many: a more comfortable workstation, the ability to perform multitasking operations and greater attention to the health and well-being of the user.

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Our values are our strength

Our company is based on everyday life, which is characterized by the practical realization of our guiding values. These include respect, trust, innovation, and quality.

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