The Case Study of RSI

DB Contacts: the web app to find the right people, as fast as possible

Case Study RSI

About RSI

RSI is based in Lugano and Comano and is the Italian-speaking branch of the SSR, the Swiss Public Broadcasting Service Company, which mainly serves the Canton of Ticino, the four valleys of the Italian Grisons and the Italian-speaking population in the rest of the country. RSI produces and distributes throughout Switzerland audio and audio-video content in Italian on two TV channels – LA 1 and LA 2 – and three radio networks – Rete Uno, Rete Due and Rete Tre.

The challenge

In order to be able to organize a program schedule and the various in-person broadcasts, the RSI editorial staff needed to find suitable and selected guests based on the type of program in a simple and fast way. The first version of DB Contacts, however, was not performant enough to allow users to identify the ideal candidate in an immediate way as it lacked some basic features such as the ability to apply filters to skim the contact list. In addition, the requirement to install an app on the PC to use the software made the process cumbersome and the user experience negative.

The solution

After requesting proposals from several software houses in Canton of Ticino, RSI decided to entrust the DB Contacts project to DOS Group, with the request to develop an efficient and performing software able to perfectly meet its needs. This choice was dictated first of all by the various benefits linked to the working method used by the developers and then also by the company’s history and reliability.

In order to optimize the results, an innovative contract has been proposed that uses sprint reviews and follows a continuos delivery model with the aim of constantly verifying that the customer’s requests match their real needs and to improve the functionality thanks to a constant collection of feedback. “(…) It is the opinion of all the users that the new Contacts DB has been developed listening to their needs and allows to automate some flows that were previously carried out manually (…)”. These are the words of Gionata Brunel, Project Coordinator for CSR.  In fact, it is fundamental for the development team to create a relationship of mutual exchange that makes it possible for them to develop a solution that is performing but, above all, able to meet the needs of its end users.

With the aim of improving the quality of the work of RSI employees and their performance, DOS Group has developed new features to facilitate the collection of guest appearances in the various broadcasts, as well as a dashboard to graphically represent the statistics of the gender of the guests. As well as:

  • Search filters
  • Personal lists
  • Personal guest files
  • Data export

API to connect it to other business systems integrating it into the production workflow.

The flexibility of the product has also allowed us to extend its use to other departments within RSI, which, again taking advantage of the search speed, have simplified their daily work.

“I found in DOS the ideal partner: the work done by the team was of great quality. In addition to a great competence, the team has always been absolutely available to listen to all our proposals always bringing a great added value in the search for the best solution. From my experience I would say that it is increasingly rare to find a partner of this level and from an economic point of view absolutely competitive.”

Gionata Brunel - RSI Project Coordinator

The result

Thanks to this new intuitive and modern tool, accessible from any device and with no initial installation required, the data is recorded only once and then shared by other systems without having to rewrite it, ensuring the best possible user experience for all users.


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