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Your workstation for the cost of a coffee a day

On November 5, we presented the “Your Workstation for the Cost of a Coffee a Day” event.

We started with a simple, provocative question:

“Is your company ready for a new lockdown?”

New restrictions are being introduced every day that change our work habits, which are increasingly seeing the rise of SmartWorking and remote working. To do this, however, requires the right equipment and increased monitoring of devices in case of breakage or performance issues. How are you handling this emergency situation? What is a possible solution?

The concept of “Device as a Service” introduces an intelligent solution that provides hardware, in-depth statistics, proactive management and lifecycle services to help you optimize IT assets and resources without investment, at the cost of a coffee a day.

DaaS is a structured solution that offers continuous technology refresh and an advantageous payment plan. It gives you ever-new devices at a price you’ve never seen before.

Leasing vs DaaS

Leasing is a financing operation with which the leasing company, owner of the good, transfers it against the payment of a fixed monthly instalment.

At the end of the contract, you can decide either to redeem the property, paying the leasing company a final maxi-rate, or choose to return the product.

Device as a Service, on the other hand, is characterized by being a subscription contract that allows you to use the product and related services without becoming the owner against the payment of a monthly installment. The advantage over leasing is that the agreed price includes all additional costs and services.

Another difference between leasing and DaaS is when the contract expires.

In this case, in fact, the customer will not have the opportunity to redeem the product becoming the owner, but can choose whether to return the same or sign a new contract.

So what are the benefits?
Financial benefits

  • maintenance of liquidity avoiding large outlays, because the payment is in installments
  • it is not accounted for as amortization
  • the money saved can be invested in other ways to grow the business
  • optimization of cash flow thanks to flexible payment

Benefits for IT

  • detailed machine information is available with customizable dashboards
  • Internal IT workload is optimized
  • maximum protection against damage
  • Service and warranty included: no more worries in the office or at home
  • reduced hardware downtime thanks to predictive analytics
  • decisions are based on data

An example

Let’s now take a practical example: a delivery of 45,000 francs. In this case the fair market value is always higher than the financing or leasing. The most disadvantageous condition, therefore, is certainly the payment of the entire amount in the case of purchase.

You can apply for a DaaS from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 60. The minimum cost of the product that can be financed is 1’500 francs. Business smartphones can also be included.

Final considerations

You can always supplement or change the product during the DaaS contract. The economic change depends on the price of the new hardware, which can be higher or lower than the installment, depending on the actual cost of the new product compared to the old one. Moreover, there is no need to open a new file, no additional bureaucracy. It is a fast process, no integration, modifications or endless copies.

In the case of multinationals with multiple locations in different countries but with a Swiss holding company, it is possible to have a DaaS-type contract through financing. At the end, the product must always return to Switzerland.

For any doubt or question, write us:

Email: smartdos@dosgroup.com

WhatsApp: +41(0) 79 596 07 28


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