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The challenges of the tech sector to safeguard the environment

The world of information technology must constantly interface with challenges in the social, economic and political spheres. In a time of great change, however, the well-being of the planet we inhabit must not be neglected. For this reason, research in the field of information technology is increasingly converging towards processes of environmental protection and conservation, the constant monitoring and collection of a large amount of data in order to elaborate theoretical models capable of predicting the climatic changes that may occur in the near future.


The case of GIS

An example of the contribution that the branch of information technology is making to environmental science is the use of GIS, Geographical Information System, computerised information systems that aim to collect and analyse data on the geographical territory. The technique on which GIS is based is quite advanced, being composed of an overlay of several thematic maps using digital data on a large number of related or interdependent aspects. Thematic maps contain information on a number of aspects such as water resources, industrial growth, human settlements, the road network, soil type, forest land, cropland or pastureland, etc. They are overlaid in layered form in the computer using software. They also provide information on atmospheric phenomena, such as approaching monsoons, ozone depletion or new oil reserves. The example of GIS can lead us to understand how technologies, when put at the service of the community, can affect not only our daily lives but also the world community.

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Teleworking after the pandemic

According to a study carried out by a company active in research, 90 per cent of the human resources managers of the companies surveyed worldwide will continue to allow, at least partially, remote working even after the end of the coronavirus emergency.

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