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DOS and Azure: a hybrid solution for a better service

Why choose a hybrid approach

We have already talked about the many advantages of the Microsoft Azure public cloud service, so it is interesting to see this applied to a hybrid methodology. The high standards of this product allow high levels of performance, containing information in the cloud and updating business software autonomously. However, it must be remembered that the levels of privacy offered by a data centre system are higher, especially with regard to sensitive information.

In a private facility, it is advisable to store critical data because of the high level of control by the organisation concerned. Companies take responsibility for management by bearing the costs of operating system maintenance, which are often quite expensive, which are often quite expensive. To enable customers to reduce costs, DOS Group offers hosting at a state-of-the-art data centre powered by fully renewable energy.

What is the best solution?

To date, there is no definitive answer for each individual reality. IT consultancies recommend optimising performance by adopting a hybrid methodology, called hybrid cloud. DOS Group provides an intermediate solution between the economies of scale offered by the public cloud and the security guarantees of data centres.

The hybrid system has numerous advantages:

  • Sharing between on-premises and off-premises infrastructures
  • Increased ease of use
  • The processing of big data in rapid time
  • Reduced workload on the IT department
  • Flexibility for the future, responding to fluctuations in demand and market fluctuations
  • A broad portfolio of application functionalities facilitating access to resources


Teleworking after the pandemic

According to a study carried out by a company active in research, 90 per cent of the human resources managers of the companies surveyed worldwide will continue to allow, at least partially, remote working even after the end of the coronavirus emergency.

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